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Rental Tips

Tips for Tenants

If you are looking to lease a property and want to be notified with the most up to date quality properties available, you can simply call or visit our office.

Before deciding to rent a property there are a few rules and regulations that you need to take into consideration.

A Residential Tenancy Agreement or ‘lease’ will be drawn up and is the legal contract that both you and your landlord must abide by. A lease should include information such as:

  • Location of the property
  • Total rent
  • Amount of the bond
  • Commencement and end date of your tenancy
  • The landlords’ name

Know your responsibilities when renting

When renting, little problems can turn into big problems if you are not aware of who is responsible for taking care of the issues that may arise. As a tenant you are obliged to do the following:

  • Keep the property clean
  • Not cause damage to the premises
  • Inform the landlord as soon as possible if any damage is done
  • Ask for the landlords permission to install fixtures or make alterations, renovations etc
  • Avoid causing a nuisance to the landlord or neighbours
  • Do not participate in anything illegal on the property

The landlord is obliged to:

  • Keep the premises in good repair
  • Ensure the security of the property by making sure all doors have locks and windows are secure
  • Immediately provide the tenant with a key after changing any locks
  • Avoid disturbing the tenant unnecessarily

Once you have signed a lease / tenancy agreement and paid a bond you should be provided with a Condition Report. This report records the condition of the property. Check this report carefully and immediately discuss any issues you may have with the landlord.

Tips for Landlords

We realise that every landlord is different, with different needs, different investment motivations and even different expectations of us when it comes to managing their investment property. There is no such thing as a ‘one size fits all’ mentality when it comes to investing in property and this is what we instil in all our Property Managers.

For us to be able to secure the highest quality tenants and maximum rental return, your property needs to be presented in its best possible condition. A quality property will attract a quality tenant.

Top 10 tips for adding value to your investment:

Kitchen – New cupboard doors and handles can transform a kitchen and it’s a relatively inexpensive way to give the whole room a fresh modern makeover

Tapware – Easy way to modernise an older house

Bathroom – Consider re-grouting tiled areas or use a grout pen to fix any discoloured areas. Also, think about ventilation, such as a fan, window stays to allow secure openings, or a shower dome to prevent the build-up of moisture

Paint – Painting the property can instantly lift its mood and look. A contemporary colour palette on walls brings a sense of modernism and can increase the potential tenant pool, as well as the asking price

Gardens and Outdoor areas – Consider available outdoor spaces and the possibility of creating new ones if these do not exist. When done well with effective links to the interior of the property, your investment home will appear larger and more functional to prospective tenants

Light Fixtures – Replacing old light switches is a cost effective and easy way to refresh the look of your property and can also help prevent further maintenance issues in the future

Window treatments – Curtains or blinds are another area which reflect the era of a property and can easily date a home. If replacing the window treatments think about the long term functionality and look at using options that are hard wearing and easy to replace in the future if necessary

Entrance – First impressions can heavily influence a tenant’s decision to rent a home as well as what they are willing to pay. Improvements with minor expenditure e.g. security lighting, painting the door, flower pots, letterbox etc. can go a long way

Lighting – Great lighting will improve the way a property looks and feels for a tenant

Burglar alarm – Consider the installing a burglar alarm or similar security devices (such as window locks). Occupants want to feel safe in any property that they’re renting and this adds huge appeal for family tenants as well as increasing the chances of you getting the best possible rental return